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FSI manufactures a wide variety of fabricated and machined metal products and equipment for a wide range of markets, including refining, petrochemical, offshore, subsea, industrial and more.

On our site, you can find information about FSI's products, services, clients, quality, facilities and equipment, as well as request information about how FSI can employ our skills for your organization .

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FSI takes our core mission seriously every day in every way. That mission is:

  • To set the benchmark in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance, while being
    a leading supplier of fabricated products for the
    mining, oil & gas, and construction industries.
  • To ensure that these products and services
    meet or exceed customer expectations for
    delivery, quality, productivity and HSE
  • To achieve sustainable growth of returns to
    FSI's employees and owners through providing
    a competitive, safe, and environmentally-friendly
    work facility.


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Superior Threaded Products

Superior Threaded Products

FSI: Working Safely and Promoting Sustainable
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